Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Humidity x Preservation Board Co. skate jam

Thanks to everyone who came out! Everyone thank Phillip next time you see him for putting these skate jams on for yall. Also a big thanks to James and Preservation for helping out, donating prizes and holding down the grill. Check them out HERE!
Congrats to Jordan for winning 1st place in best trick
Ryan took it home with 2nd


A. Dominic Efferson said...

I love that OG shredding sessions still go on like this, but it's a bummer that there aren't better spots built by the community, local government and business entities.

Get off the boards for an evening, put the booze down and start going to city council meetings. It may sound lame, but that's how parks get built. Put the pressure on the local officials ya'lls!

shiggedyshwa said...

bro. Do you have any idea what we've gone through/the quality of government in New Orleans? lol

shiggedyshwa said...

what we've gone through as in we have tried multiple times.